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Our Story

Augusta Hill Farms started in 1995 when the Van Wingerden family were looking for property in the country. They wanted to raise their family in a wholesome environment with lots of fresh air and room for exercise. The Van Wingerdens settled on an 80 acre farm in Augusta, New Jersey, started a family business, and proudly erected their first greenhouse.

At Augusta Hill Farms, we started out contract growing and expanded our business from there. Our retail business has been thriving for fourteen years and has allowed us to develop more personal connections with our gardeners. Come explore our large selection of annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables.

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You'll save money buying directly from us because we're a grower. There's no big markup here like there is in a garden center in the city. Our plants are healthy and high-quality, and we have a nice, relaxing atmosphere. We make every effort to keep our plants affordable. Visit us soon!

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