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Growing All the Plants You Need

At Augusta Hill Farms, our plants are special. We maintain them carefully and consistently to keep them healthy. They are pruned, fertilized, and treated with TLC. Rest assured our plants will perform in your garden once you get them home.

Flowering Annuals

Flowers make the world a better place. We have a wide variety of annuals from Alyssum to Zinnias and everything in between. Check out our potted plants while you're here too; they range from 4" pots to 16" pots. They're beautiful floral arrangements perfect for any patio and ready to be admired. We also have hanging baskets and deck planters that require no work at all. If you bring in your own pot or planter, we will happily create a design just for you.

Homegrown Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is an amazing experience, and you'll never taste any fresher. When you visit, look at our vegetable plants too. They're sold in flats, and we let you mix and match your plants. You can mix flowering annuals and vegetables together at no extra cost.

Healthy Perennials

Perennials give long-lasting pleasure. They come back every year to brighten your garden with colorful blooms or interesting foliage. We have vine perennials, ground covers, mounding plants, and more. Our perennials are generally sold in quarts or 1-gallon pots. We're dabbling in rose bushes this year, and they are well-established in 3-gallon pots. You're sure to find something to suit your tastes. We know you want your house and yard to look attractive, and planting perennials makes it easy.

Greenhouse Flower Assortment

Kitchen Herbs

Check out our large selection of herbs. They're great for flavoring food and making your meals more interesting. We offer a wide variety, including traditional and tea herbs. We also create planters full of kitchen herbs and salad bowls.

Plant Pies

Come try our plant pies. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just fill your pot or hanging basket with soil, gently tuck in your plants, add some water, and watch them grow. It's an instant garden that requires very little work. You can also transfer these plant pies directly into the ground.


Are easy to please house guests. These low maintence plants can brighten any indoor space. Check out our interesting selections along with our ready-made gardens. The perfect gift for yourself or friends and family.